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Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Resolve Disputes Outside of the Courtroom

ShapiroCroland’s Alternative Dispute Resolution practice serves the increasing need and desire of its individual and corporate clients to resolve their legal and personal disputes outside of the courtroom.  Alternative Dispute Resolution, commonly referred to as ADR, supplements traditional litigation in the state and federal courts, emphasizing cost-effective resolution of disputes, often providing more expeditious results with much less risk and distress than is occasioned by traditional forms of litigation.  ADR provides efficiency, economy, flexibility and confidentiality in a less adversarial forum which is conducive to maintaining ongoing relationships between the parties.

While parties to a dispute can always agree to ADR as a means to resolve their disputes, in many instances ADR may be required by contract or law as the only means by which parties may pursue and resolve their claims.  Whether use of ADR is voluntary or obligatory, ShapiroCroland’s attorneys have significant experience in all aspects of ADR with the proven know how to utilize the dispute resolution process strategically to the advantage of their clients’ particular needs.

At ShapiroCroland, working to resolve disputes with the use of ADR, either to the exclusion of or as a supplement to, traditional modes of litigation is an integral part of each of the firm’s various practice areas.  The firm’s cross-disciplinary ADR practice includes lawyers with significant experience in, among other areas, litigation, bankruptcy  and represents an array of interests and parties in matters ranging from the complex, involving multi-party and multi-jurisdiction disputes.

The firm offers a range of ADR-related services including arbitration, mediation, negotiations, early neutral evaluation and collaborative law. The firm’s reputation for thorough preparation, comprehensive legal analysis, personal attention to our client’s goals and needs and aggressive advocacy provides our clients with the comfort and security that they will be prepared for such proceedings and be positioned to achieve favorable outcomes.  Regardless of the circumstances involving our clients’ disputes, the firm’s commitment is to resolve these disputes efficiently and economically in conjunction with our clients.  The firm’s ADR strategies and practices enable our clients to achieve results that benefit their business goals, reduce cost and expense and limit distractions to their daily routine.

In addition to being accomplished trial attorneys, several of the firm’s ADR attorneys often serve as mediators and arbitrators at the request of independent parties and lawyers as well as through court appointments.  The firm’s ADR providers have well-earned reputations for integrity, mastery of the law, impartiality and formulating creative solutions for the parties, which is evidenced by the repeat referrals by judges and other lawyers.  Additionally, the firm also counsels its clients on how to utilize and incorporate ADR into their business practices through preparation of ADR contractual provisions, implementation of organizational procedures and guidelines on the use of ADR to settle disputes and enforcing ADR agreements.